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Passion for handmade design craft

Passion for handmade design craft

Everybody close to me knows that I just love a good conversation over a cup of coffee. I have been blessed over the last two weeks to have met so many talented designers and makers to share a coffee with. Curious about who I have been talking to?

Heard about Scarves and Stuff by Solange yet? Solange Cools is an über busy bee, combing a full time job with old school knitting of a highly fashionable collection of scarves, beanies and cardigans. Her brand also offers a couple of must have interior items such as bean bags, cushions and throws. With Scarves and Stuff Solange pays tribute to two leading ladies in her life - her mom and her grandmother. Respect! http://www.scarvesandstuff.be/

I have a lot of respect too for Devi Vervaeke and his brother Denneb. Their passion for natural materials and their imperfections, artisan techniques and pure forms and shapes has led to an unusual collection of design items for your home. The name they have chosen for their brand, Nestor & Røtsen, symbolises their kinship as Nestor is the reverse of Røtsen, but it also refers to their love for materiality. I saw their beautiful Landskap dinner table and impressive Manelandskab pending light up close and was impressed with the way they used ceramics.  http://nestor-rotsen.eu/

Handmade is also the trade mark of young furniture designer Ruben Deriemaeker. He makes custom made tables, sideboards and other fine interior elements for his clients. He also dreams of creating a distinct furniture line and has started with a dinner table and a set of trays, handmade out of beautiful wood, a material that he highly respects. http://www.deri3.be/

A beautiful story is also that of the young Belgian brand MOOME. Out of the Mecam group, one of the largest Belgian manufacturers of upholstered furniture, a new initiative saw the light, combining the talent of a good number of designers and the expertise of the makers. The result is an original, fresh collection of furniture items and accessories, well-made but still affordable. http://moome.be/

Finally, in a slightly different league is dk3. This young Danish brand is in one word awesome. Not only because they have revisited the legacy of Poul Cadovious, Borge Mogensen and Kaare Klint, which breathes fifties and sixties class, but also because they have complemented the iconic designs with new timeless pieces. I met with the Belgian agent and was equally impressed by the other brands he represents, among others COEDITION and Haymann éditions, two French brands that offer sophisticated timeless design furniture the way only the French can. http://www.moodz.be/



Scarves and Stuff by SolangeMoomeNestor&RotsenDeri3



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