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In Slow Shopping Mode - antidote for Black Friday madness

In Slow Shopping Mode - antidote for Black Friday madness

The Slow movement, primarily associated with food, coffee and cooking, has been founded already in 1989 (!) in Italy. Slowly (no pun intended :-)) but surely the Slow Food trend influenced other aspects of everyday life.

The term Slow covers today all movements or actions at a relaxed or leisurely pace. People every day are constantly living at a fast pace which is making them feel like their lives are chaotic, but with Slow Living they end up taking a step back and start living in a more mindfull way. Nonetheless, this approach to life lived slowly does not refuse the usage of things like smart phones, the internet and access to goods and services. It's about making other choices.

The term slow is also used as an acronym to show different issues:

S = Sustainable – not having a negative impact on human beings and nature

L = Local – not globalised

O = Organic – not mass-produced

W = Whole – not processed

The above can be applied to a number of retail concepts, online and offline. Or in other words, Slow Shopping has been added to the Slow movement. Since I am focusing on the digital offer, here are some of my favs: etsy.com, lechaperonunlimited.com, thenewcraftsmen.com, lola-kate.nl, store.aprilandmay.com, shop.winkelhaak.be and crowdyhouse.com.

And soon, homemadestories.shop, of course. Happy Slow Christmas Shopping!





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